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The first planet in the Gurhal System. Political, administrative, and managerial positions are all held by casts.

Originally a planet rich with nature, it was ravaged by war and what little remains is artifially created.

Tarcus City is the capital and the site of the foundation of the Tripartite Alliance, but Holtes City is Parum's economic center.

The planet with the largest human population, the ruling class is comprised of approximately 50 million casts.

Outside Parum, there are another 100 million humans who live on other planets and colonies and an additional 50 casts.


The second planet in the Gurhal System. The majority of inhabitants are newman.

Water covers eighty percent of the planet's surface, and its citizens live in harmony with nature.

Neudaizes is a theocracy, governed by the communion of Gurhal. The Communion has four leadership, analogous to cabinet ministers: The Light Masters of Festa, Governa, Litera and Protecta.

There are approximately 500 million newmans living on neudaiz and roughly 10 million living on other planets and colonies.


The third planet in the Gurhal system.

Primarily inhabited by beasts, it has the harshest envinronment of any planet in the system. Its inhabitants live in constant struggle with nature.

As Moatoob is rich in resources, there is a never-ending stream of new settlers, many of them arriving with dreams of instant riches.

A satellite belt made up of remnants of a former moon is said to harbor vast quantities of unknown minerals.

There are no large urban centers, and rather than a planetary government, each city has a representatitve in the Moatoob Trade Union. It lacks centralized power, however, and its influence is weak.

Rather it is the rogues' underground community that acts as the true power controlling the planet.

There are approximately 100 million beasts living in Moatoob and the satellite belt and another 100 million living on other planets and colonies.


The site of the final battle of the Seed Crisis three years ago. Called the "Dark planet," it was the source of the Seed plague.

Originally constructed by the Ancients as a space fortress and the ultimate weapon against the Seed, it was corrupted by Dark Falz and had become a nest that produced never-ending waves of Seed.

The four confinement systems activated during the unification point three years ago sealed away Rykros along with Dark Falz.

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