The SeedEdit

Lifeforms that invaded the Gurhal Sytem on the 100-year anniversary of the Tripartite Alliance.

They fly through space, falling to the surfaces of planets and colonies, to infect and alter the native animals and soil. Research has revealed they are drawn to A-Photons, wich explains why they frequently land near relic sites, where there are high concentrations of A-Photons.


Creatures that appear from within medium or large-scale Seed.

In contrast to native animals infected with the Seed virus, their structure and appearence are entirely different from all other species.

The Seed CrisisEdit

The name used to refer to the series of events triggered by the Seed attack, three years ago.

The struggle against the Seed lasted roughly one year, with key events including the initial Seed invasion, the activation of the Unification Point, the Illuminus plot led by Karl F. Howser, the appearence of the dark planet Rykros, and the ultimate containment of the Seed via the Second Unification Point.

While peace has returned to Gurhal, over one million lives were lost--a tragedy of unprecendented proportions.

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